Bitter gourd is one of the best vegetable-fruit that helps improve diabetic and toxemia conditions. The  bitter gourd looks like a cucumber but with ugly gourd-like bumps all over it.As the name implies, this vegetable is a melon that is bitter.  There are two varieties of this vegetable:  One grows to about 20 cm long, is oblong and pale green in color.  The other is the smaller variety, less than 10 cm long, oval and has a darker green color.Both varieties have seeds that are white when unripe and that turn red when they are ripe. 

The vegetable-fruit turn reddish-orange when ripe and becomes even more bitter.Bitter gourd thrives in hot and humid climates, so are commonly found in Asian countries and South America.Westerners may not be so used to bitter melons, so may find them more difficult to consume.  But if you can generally take bitter taste, you may be able to take this too.  Try it, at least for all its healthful virtues!

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